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Globaler Waffenhandel steigt stetig: Deutschland auf Platz vier der weltweit größten Exporteure

Der globale Waffenhandel steigt weiter an: Das Volumen der internationalen Transfers von Großwaffen war im Zeitraum zwischen 2014-2018 im Vergleich zu den Jahren 2009-2013 insgesamt 7,8 % höher. Zu diesem Schluss kommt das schwedische Friedensforschungsinstitut SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute), das jährlich eine Studie zu Waffentransfers veröffentlicht. Die größten Exporteure von Waffen waren 2014-2018 […]

EDA framework contract for AirMedEvac

Die Europäische Verteidigungsagentur EDA hat für Operationen der EDA-Mitgliedstaaten medizinische Evakuierungsdienste über Rahmenverträge bereitgestellt. Bei der Wahrnehmung nationaler und multinationaler Aufgaben ist die Bereitstellung von flugmedizinischen Evakuierungsdiensten im Einsatzgebiet oft eine Herausforderung. In vielen Fällen sind die Kapazitäten der Mitgliedstaaten nicht verfügbar, und es ist erforderlich, Evakuierungsdienste über private Unternehmen bereitzustellen. In einem Rahmenvertrag bis […]

Airbus Helicopters provides H145 ago with five-blade rotor

Die mit einem Fünfblattrotor leistungsgesteigerte H145 hat Airbus Helicopters auf der Heli-Expo in Atlanta erstmals der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt. Der Rotor mit einem zusätzlichen Blatt hat die Erhöhung des maximalen Startgewichts auf 3.800 kg ermöglicht. Davon entfällt jeweils die Hälfte auf Leergewicht und Zuladung. Der Rotordurchmesser wurde verringert, damit die H145 in engerem Umfeld operieren kann. […]

Luftgestütztes Selbstschutzsystem AMPS für Hubschrauber

HENSOLDT und Airbus Helicopters haben in einem langfristigen Rahmenvertrag die Lieferung luftgestützter Selbstschutzsysteme AMPS (Airborne Missile Protection System) vereinbart. Der Vertrag hat zunächst eine Laufzeit von zehn Jahren ohne eine vereinbarte Mindestabnahmemenge. Der erste – kürzlich eingegangene – Auftrag umfasst die Lieferung von 20 AMPS-Komplettsystemen für den militärischen Hubschrauber H145M beginnend noch in diesem Jahr. […]

EOD robot tEODor EVO

Die Telerob Gesellschaft für Fernhantierungstechnik hat die neue Generation ihres EOD-Roboters tEODor (telerob Explosive Ordnance Disposal and observation robot) vorgestellt. Der tEODor EVO bietet ein neues Bedienkonzept, das dem Bediener eine leichte und komfortable Handhabung des Roboters zur Bombenentschärfung ermöglicht. Das Bedienkonzept „Robo Command“ besteht aus einer in Volumen und Gewicht reduzierten Kommunikationseinheit und einer […]

Equipment and tactical workshops 05.11

End of August opened 5.11 Tactical in Hamburg its first flagship store in Europe. This Experience Center & Retail Store to make 5.11 Tactical experience the brand. Therefore, the concept also includes workshops on the topics of equipment and tactical handling. The prelude to the series made in September "11.5 VTAC Rifle Sling - Professional handling of [...]

Lindnerhof tactics - Lightweight support with quick release system

Plate carriers have been established in both agencies as well as armed forces as a standard suspension system. On the IWA presented Lindnerhof tactics, equipment specialist from Bavaria, including a new drive carrier in which particular weight reduction is the focus. Unternehnensangaben by the new plate support is a further development of the proven plate carrier of the VI. Generation, combining the models L1 Evo [...]

EnforceTac - Theon Sensors establishes subsidiary in Germany

Theon Sensors, an international manufacturer of night vision and thermal imaging equipment, has established with Theon Germany GmbH, a local subsidiary. Thus the strong demand for night vision and thermal imaging equipment in the room DACH and Benelux, as well as the expected future business account. "With the opening of Theon Germany we build on the success in [...]

EnforceTac - Hensoldt presented 1-8 x 24 scope

Hensoldt presents a scope with one up to eight times magnification at this year EndorceTac in Nuremberg. The ZF 1-8 x 24 provides an integrated illuminated red dot and one of them independent reticle illumination. The simple enlargement works like a red dot sight with a large field of view. The shooter shoots open with both eyes. The reticle is located at ZF 1-8 x 24 [...]

Transaction Rolls-Royce - Kongsberg is imminent

The announcement was made already last July. The British group Rolls-Royce will continue its civilian Marine division (including ship design, automation, control) to sell with their 3,700 employees at the Norwegian Kongsberg. Bård Bjørløw, Vice President of Kongsberg Maritime, settled on 12 February at a conference to the effect one that an agreement between Kongsberg Marine and Rolls-Rocye Marine to [...]

Companies & Individuals - messages in February 2019

Maritime research programs, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) provides for the next four years about 215 million euros available to support the maritime industry in the exploration of maritime technologies. The maritime research project "Maritime value" is one of four new research areas. This program aims to contribute to the development of environmentally friendly technologies for the use of marine resources. [...]

News from Concamo

Only the IWA 2018 Matthias Bürgin had launched its self-developed innovative camouflage Concamo. Apparel maker Leo Köhler brought out the pattern as the first manufacturer to IWA 2018th ES & T had to repeatedly reported. This lavish hybrid model takes advantage of the psychology of perception, to withdraw the support of the opposing enlightenment. Matthias Bürgin left in the [...]

EnforceTac - FN Herstal brings FN SCAR-SC in .300 BLK

Just in time for EnforceTac 2019, the Belgian FN Herstal armory brings its subcompact middle distance weapon FN SCAR-SC out in caliber 7.62mm x 35th The handy weapon also fires both .300 and .300 Blackout Whisper. The FN SCAR-SC comes standard with a retractable buttstock and is available with a wide selection of other shoulder rests and accessories to the [...]

100 kW laser weapon for mobile and stationary use

Rheinmetall has developed a new weapon station for laser weapons technology and tested, can accommodate up to 100 kW, the laser performance. The system consists of the components of the laser source, beam guidance system, optics and moving system. With the movable laser weapon station of the laser beam is mechanically aligned to the destination. The specially designed for the requirements of a laser weapon system weapon station is the [...]

delivered 500 GTK Boxer

On February 7, 2019 has the ARTEC - the Boxer joint venture between Rheinmetall and KMW - passed the 500th Boxer to the customer at the production site of Munich Krauss-Maffei Wegmann. This is an important brand in the Boxer program has been exceeded. OCCAR has appointed as joint procurement agency a total of 696 boxers for the three program countries Germany, the Netherlands and Lithuania. By […]

B & T conversion kit for Glock pistols

With a conversion kit for Glock pistols the shooting performance can be significantly improved with the gun. The conversion kit USW-G17 from the B & T AG consists of an anvil shaft, in which the gun is installed a few simple steps. By supplementing it with an aimpoint ACRO P-1 visor, the shooting power can be further increased. The carbine conversion system for the Glock pistols of [...]

IDEX - Sprinter - MUROS for monitoring and surveillance

At the IDEX Mercedes-Benz and Elettronica GmbH presented the mobile surveillance and monitoring system MUROS jointly developed. Carrier vehicle is a Sprinter van from Mercedes-Benz with 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight and 1.4 tons of free payload. an OM serves 651 diesel engine (Euro 6c) with 120 kW as a drive. (Modern state-of-the-art equipment such as LED lighting, and numerous electronic assistants Active [...]

Joint Light Tactical Vehicle at IDEX 2019

The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) program takes in the US ride on, and Oshkosh Defense is now trying to market the vehicle globally in its various versions. After several appearances in Europe, most recently as at the symposium of the Dutch industry association NIDV in Rotterdam, the US company shows the JLTV in the general-purpose configuration in these [...]

IDEX - R & S shows SOVERON system architecture for SDR

Rohde & Schwarz is at the IDEX 2019 SOVERON a holistic system solution in front for a secure and high-performance network architecture modernster hardware and software to create national digital sovereignty and technological independence. Company information according to the system allows across digital sovereignty over all command levels and all branches of the armed forces. The innovative SOVERON software-defined radios (SDR) are for tactical communication scenarios [...]

First submarine of type 218 baptized SG Singapore in the name Invincible

At the shipyard of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems in Kiel, the first submarine was baptized Type 218 SG for the Republic of Singapore in the name Invincible. After completion of construction and equipment, the Invincible is thoroughly tested before it is handed over the 2,021th The Invincible is the first in a series of four boats [...]

presented air defense system "Falcon" - IDEX

The German company Diehl Defense, the US defense contractor Lockheed Martin and the Swedish company Saab presented at the IDEX 2019 in Abu Dhabi's air defense system "Falcon" to combat threats from short and medium distance. The system network combines the capabilities of Diehl's missile IRIS-T SLM including the vertical 360-degree launcher, Saabs on gallium nitride technology-based AESA radar Giraffe [...]

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