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Trends der AFCEA Fachausstellung 2019

Auch in diesem Jahr fand die AFCEA-Fachausstellung in Bonn große Beachtung. Nach dem Wegfall der CeBIT ist es nicht nur die größte deutsche Messe zur militärischen IT, sondern die größte deutsche Fachmesse zur IT überhaupt. Dementsprechend fanden erstmals Aussteller ihren Weg nach Bonn, die sonst eher als Zulieferer oder Infrastrukturanbieter im zivilen Bereich bekannt sind. […]

Smart und mobil – auch bei der Führungsunterstützung – IT News April 2019

Mobiltelefone, Fernseher, Türen, Haushaltsgeräte und Autos – längst hat sich der Begriff „smart“ auf alle privaten Lebensbereiche ausgedehnt. Bewohner von rund 7,7 Millionen „Smart Homes“ in Deutschland profitieren bereits von diesen Errungen- schaften im privaten Bereich, die Umsatzerwartungen im Smart-Home-Markt liegen 2019 bei mehr als 3,5 Milliarden Euro*. Was viele Menschen wie selbstverständlich in ihren […]

Natural Language Processing – Das Fraunhofer-Institut berichtet über neue Technologien

Natural Language Processing (NLP) beschreibt computergestützte Techniken zur maschinellen Erkennung und Verarbeitung von natürlicher Sprache. Das Ziel ist dabei, die direkte Kommunikation zwischen Mensch und Computer auf der Basis natürlicher Sprache zu ermöglichen, die zwischenmenschliche Kommunikation durch maschinelle Übersetzung zu erleichtern und auch die enorm zunehmenden Mengen an Texten in natürlicher Sprache maschinell analysieren zu […]

Secure communication

Ursprünglich aus der Not und fehlenden finanziellen Mitteln geboren besitzen private Smart Devices weiterhin eine große Verbreitung im behördlichen bzw. beruflichen Umfeld und werden dort auch für Aufgaben eingesetzt, die eigentlich Sicherheitseinschränkungen unterliegen. Bring your own Device liegt somit weiterhin im Trend und wird – mangels Alternativen – auch zur strategischen Kommunikation genutzt. Bei der […]

Highly automated server solutions - securely and efficiently - IT News March 2019

Again and again vulnerabilities in software and operating systems. Therefore regularly called patches logs the update function of the home PC to record system updates. These include the known vulnerabilities so that someone can not penetrate through bug in the computer. Since the installation of the patches often requested that certain programs are closed or the computer [...]

CIR operations - operations in the armed forces common context

Ability profiles of the armed forces are subject to constant change. Often technological advances have influenced the design of warfare. In just the last 100 years, the potential of the engine, air mechanization and nuclear weapons helped the user to clear advantages in operations. Currently start forces the cyber and information space (CIR) constitutes military operation space and comprehensively CIR operations to [...]

Rescue of Battle Management Systems for VJTF

End of December 2018, the tender for the new Battle Management System (BMS) was published by the Bundeswehr. In professional circles, then took place between the years rather than a thoroughly intense discussion about what to think of the case required criteria at all. The flood of applications to the order arrived quickly and unsurprisingly, it could all [...]

All of a piece: How Bavaria supports the defense industry - a success story

The order situation for the companies of the Bavarian defense industry at the moment is very good. Orders of the armed forces and the demand from abroad bring the company good numbers. Since years go total of nearly 30 percent of defense contracts into the books of Bavarian companies. Instrumental in setting the course for the settlement of defense companies in the [...]

List of deficiencies in the NATO spearhead - Still radios

The schedule for the next German VJTF -Führung is narrow. And it is getting close. Germany takes over in 2023, took the lead again. While Germany took over this year with the panzerlehrbrigade 9 to lead the current VJTF, but this is disputed by zusammengeliehenem, partly outdated device. To VJTF 2023 it will be different. Indeed […]

The end of the Domes - trends in military simulation

The I / ITSEC in Orlando, Florida, is the largest exhibition for wide topic of military simulation in the Western world. It is also the in-house exhibition of American forces, whose budget for Training & Simulation with 14.58 billion US dollars (2017) even exceeds the total budget of most European armed forces. Accordingly, it is a show-of-Possibilities of the leading companies in [...]

The data theft as an opportunity - Guest Commentary

Now what has happened, what experts had been expecting a long time: a huge data set of highly sensitive political information has surfaced on the net. Emails, account information, family photos - some very intimate details. Hundreds of politicians are concerned and in some cases those famous people who shared with them news. Their home addresses were suddenly in the net. Unexpectedly, the theft was, however, [...]

Digitization of health care for the Bundeswehr as a paradigm shift - IT News February 2019

The digitization of health care is an equally topical and complex issue that is now high on the political agenda at the heart of public health policy and the civilian health care system. The primary focus is the intelligent aggregation and analysis of health data as well as faster and more secure exchange between the agencies involved are. "Medical Big Data" must [...]

The backbone of the communications - New opportunities through SVFuA for the Bundeswehr

The crucial phase for the equipment of VJTF 2023 begins. Finally, if only the interaction of the components must - be tested before it then goes into the use of NATO - if they contain new technologies. With this, the armed forces joint interconnected European radio equipment (SVFuA), after years of procurement Marathon in the summer of 2017, the last in [...]

Artificial Intelligence and Military

Chance or Pandora's Box? The dazzling term "Artificial Intelligence" occupies a prominent place in the current political discourse - and not unjustly, as the brand new "AI strategy of the federal government" zeigt.Mag many seem overestimated alarmist in the debate, on the other hand prohibits a naive Underestimate. Because it is a highly dynamic future topic, which [...]

Companies are combining skills - Armor partnerships for major projects are in vogue

Armament projects are considered to be complex and require for their implementation is usually a lot of time. At the same time the Ministry of Defense is to buy more on the procurement of military complete systems instead of separately developed tanks or planes. When it comes to such systems, often several industrial suppliers must join forces to ever lace up the required offer package. When […]

Ad hoc networks for military use

Ad hoc networks are one of the new buzzwords that are standard requirements for new radio systems particularly in relation to the digitization of land-based operations (D-LBO) with. In theory, the principle sounds simple and efficient in implementation, however, still revealed certain difficulties - and this for over ten years. there is every itself as an ad-hoc network [...]

Department of Information Technology (I)

The Bundeswehr is driving the digitization. The goal of the effort to come through better and faster planning and management processes to an effect of superiority. And the Division I in BAAINBw plays an important role. It manages projects for the deployment and management-related information technology. This includes everything from data centers on specially developed software to [...]

Department of Information Technology Support (G) - The SASPF program - an effective contribution to the digitization of the Bundeswehr

The standard application software product families (SASPF) mark a paradigm shift in IT support in terms of administrative and logistical tasks since the project began moving away from individual, task-oriented applications toward a Bundeswehr-wide, business-oriented, unified IT solution , Standardization, harmonization and optimization of processes, procedures, processes and organization of MoD throughout the business is the established goal of this major project. By means of the [...]

The specialized agency HERCULES

The core function of SO H is the client management for continuing IT operations by the BWI GmbH as well as the development of new IT services. Elemental for task completion are the interlocking of the individual organizational elements as well as the interaction with the BWI GmbH and the new organizational area cyber- and information space (CIR). The specialized agency H is basically divided into two groups [...]

May robots kill people? - 8. Schaumburg platform "Security and Artificial Intelligence"

Misuse of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can have potentially catastrophic consequences. This was one of the theses on the 8th Schaumburg platform section Minden on November 10 in Bückeburg. Here information services for all citizens to be taken outside the centers of political decision-making. They should arouse interest and attention. Questions about security today are complex, often difficult [...]

Impulses from Thun RUAG Defense with exhibition in the Bernese Oberland

Under the slogan "Your partner in all positions" RUAG Defense had invited him in good company for the annual Impulstag for customers, partners and press at the site Thun, at the same time marked the 20th anniversary of the company this year. After being greeted with company presentation by the CEO Andreas Berger all participants were given the opportunity in the [...]

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