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Tactical vehicles are and are increasingly being equipped with sensors, effectors and communication devices of different technological standards. In order to forward the information from the data sources to the respective addressees in an appropriate situation and role, the military IT specialist blackned has developed the Tactical Core communication platform and, according to its own information, has received certification from the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for data transmission up to the level Received “NATO Restricted”. This ensures secure and authorized communication.

When presenting the Tactical Core at Messer DSEI 2023 in London, blackned showed that the software portfolio connects the forces involved on the battlefield into an extremely effective digital network that enables rapid and secure exchange of information.

With the Tactical Core, the data channels of various technologies are digitally connected according to position and role. (Photo: blackned)

The blackned solution ensures effective interoperability with existing digital and analog wireless technologies as well as the integration of new devices. The introduction of more information, equipment, technologies and systems onto the battlefield means that the overall network becomes very complex.

Nach der Beschreibung von blackned wirken im Tactical Core die Software Xonitor als Überwachungs- und Verwaltungstool, die Daten- und Kommunikationsinfrastruktur Ridux und das Netztool MeshFLOW zusammen. Ridux schaffe eine hochsichere, dynamische und selbstorganisierende Kommunikationsinfrastruktur, die ein gemeinsames Lagebild auf allen Ebenen gewährleiste. Es ermögliche den Informationsaustausch auf taktischer Ebene, d.h. in der militärischen Organisation von der Brigadeebene abwärts. MeshFLOW ermögliche eine nahtlose Verbindung, auch wenn sich Soldaten dynamisch von einem Einsatzgebiet zum anderen bewegen.


A blackned spokesperson explained at the DSEI that Tactical Core is a concept for the digitalization of the armed forces that promotes collaboration between developers, providers and users. It is free from restrictive barriers and exclusive access restrictions and promotes innovation and creativity.

The Tactical Core is part of the core of the digitalization of land-based operations (D-LBO) (Photo: blackned)

“Customers have direct access to the source code and retain control over the software without being dependent on a service provider,” explained blackned CEO Timo Haas.

The Tactical Core is part of the core of the Digitization of Land-Based Operations (D-LBO), the central digitization project of the land forces. blackned received the development contract from the Bundeswehr in 2021. In the meantime, the system is being tested by the client. The aim is to use the virtual network provided by the Tactical Core as part of the Division 2025 equipment.

Gerhard Heiming