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The increasing frequency of conflicts leads to constant striving for more security. In an environment in which resilience, durability and reliability are decisive for success, the innovative surface coating offersHi2Onepremium protection. The system's outstanding mechanical and chemical properties make it ideal for the defense industry.

In the event of a detonation, Hi2One protects against splinters or loose, flying parts. (Photo: Hintsteiner)

Hintsteiner's Hi2One coating offers an innovative and effective solution to problems in theDefense technologysuch as protection against explosions, penetration by sharp objects or mechanical loads.

(Photo: Hintsteiner)

Hi2One is a special polyurea that is applied to the substrate to be coated under high pressure (~200 bar). Different components are applied to the desired surface together at +70°C using a specially designed high-pressure machine. The Hi2One protective layer can be applied to almost any material and even under harsh environmental conditions.

Why Hi2One?

Hi2One surface systems can be designed in different hardnesses (from Shore A to D) and thereby change the properties or increase the service life significantly. Above all, the resistance to abrasion and mechanical loads (wear) is excellent. Thanks to seamless processing, a 100% tightness of containers and basins can be guaranteed during production. With an elastic change in length of up to 500%, the protective layer remains closed in the event of deformation and protects against splintering. Due to the high tensile strength and elasticity, Hi2One is used as a high-performance, blast-resistant coating for, among other things, the protection of premises.

(Photo: Hintsteiner)

Areas of application for Hi2One coatings in defense technology

Extreme conditions often prevail in the field of defense technology, such as strong temperature differences within a very short time, high mechanical loads or permanent contact with salt water. These most adverse conditions result in particularly high demands on the material of floating bodies, body parts or interior components in protected military vehicles.

Possible areas of application in defense technology:

  • shelters and positions
  • blast protection
  • Elastic components (e.g. fenders, scuff rails, stop rails)
  • ballistic walls
  • Attack-inhibiting structures (doors, flaps, panels, etc.)
  • underrun protection
  • float, floating platform (pontoon)
  • Body or vehicle parts
  • tanks and containers

It is this pioneering spirit that prompts the Hintsteiner Group to keep researching new technologies that are primarily used in the military sector. In the future, Hi2One will enable mobile and stationary systems to be protected on site in a relatively simple manner. The excellent properties of Hi2One can be used on almost all surfaces and offer enormous added value. Regardless of whether it is about extending the service life of components and resisting the influence of aggressive media and permanent moisture. Hi2One increases the effectiveness of systems designed, among other things, to mitigate ballistic impacts or blast events.

(Photo: Hintsteiner)

From mid-2023, a high-pressure system specially designed for series production will be put into operation in the newly built plant in Mitterdorf (Austria-Styria). Tests and sample coatings can already be carried out for customers.