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On behalf of the respective canton police, RUAG protected the World Economic Conference in Davos and the Ukraine Recovery Conference URC in Lugano with a new drone defense system.

As RUAG writes, the police have described the spectrum of threats and defined the perimeters to be protected. Based on this, RUAG designed the protection system together with its partner FORTEM and operated it on behalf of the police. The service, which was developed from the 'System as a Service' approach, covered all aspects from planning and system operation to the final meeting.

RUAG's anti-drone defense system, photo: RUAG

This included, among other things, obtaining the required permits (air and communications) and deploying trained personnel. According to RUAG, the customer did not have to use his own personnel for this protection task and bear no follow-up costs

The SkyDome Cm-UAS from FORTEM Technology was used. The system consists of radar and optical sensors, an interceptor drone that intercepts a target using networks and places it safely in a protected location, a management system that merges the sensor data, presents it to the operator using an application and controls the drone. The sensor information in the detection area is displayed on an operator console. This allows the operator to control the intercept.

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