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With the opening of a laboratory building with around 3,500 square meters of laboratory and integration space, Hensoldt has expanded its capacity at the Ulm site. As Hensoldt writes, more than 100 radar and reconnaissance experts are said to work in the building.

According to the company, around 20 million euros have been invested in the new building to develop and test software and electronic assemblies for the new radar for the Eurofighter and for KALAETRON Integral, a product family in the field of signals intelligence. With technical building facilities, Hensoldt guarantees the confidentiality of the development work specified by the customer.

According to Hensoldt, around 3,000 people are employed at the Ulm site in the development and production of radars and electronic warfare systems. A large part of the employees are engineers and technicians. Around 240 trainees and dual students are in training. In the past two years, the company hired over 500 new employees. In the current year, around 200 new hires are to be hired and the number of training places increased.

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