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With Russia's attack on Ukraine on February 24 of this year, the foreign and security policy situation changed drastically overnight. It's war in Europe. Chancellor Scholz described the situation in his government statement on February 27, 2022 as a "turning point."

The initial situation in Russia and Ukraine at the time and the findings from the first weeks of the war should be analyzed quickly.

The Russian Army

After evaluating the Caucasus conflict, a reform of the Russian armed forces began in 2008 in terms of structure, personnel and equipment with the aim of greater professionalization. Changes were made in the leadership and troop structures and new large equipment was introduced.

After initially giving up the divisional level in favor of independent brigades, this intention was abandoned again, so that both the division with subordinate regiments and the brigade occur in the current structure. The Batalonga Tactical Group, the Battalion Tactical Group or the Battalion Combat Group (BtlKpfGrp) was determined to be the core element of the tactical level.

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