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In addition to handing over the first transport vehicles with a swap-body system (WLS), the 3,000th unprotected transport vehicle (UTF) was also delivered to the Bundeswehr at the beginning of May. "With the WLS contract, the BAAINBw continues the success story of the unprotected UTF transport vehicles," says the responsible project manager at the BAAINBw, Michael Bischof.

The 3,000th example of the vehicle family of unprotected transport vehicles (UTF) 5t and 15t has now been handed over to the German armed forces. Photo: RMMV

The UTF framework agreement was concluded in July 2017. According to the BAAINBw, new territory was broken with the framework agreement with a permanent order. From the framework agreement with a maximum of 2,771 vehicles and a term of seven years, 558 units were called off immediately upon conclusion of the contract. The contract was extended by 1,000 vehicles with funds from the federal government’s economic stimulus and future package (2020).

In view of the high demand, the production rate at the RMMV plant in Vienna was increased so that the 3,000 UTF vehicle could be handed over to the Bundeswehr at the beginning of May. This not only exceeded the original scope of the framework agreement. The increased quantity was also delivered ahead of the agreed time frame.

UTF truck in action 5th company logistics battalion 161, Source: RMMV, Rheinmetall / Schulze

The new vehicle families UTF and WLS are also special from a logistical perspective, as BAAINBw writes. The logistical equality between the UTF and WLS fleets is over 85 percent and will have a positive effect on training and life cycle costs.

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