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The Eurofighters used in Germany and Spain will receive a new common European radar (European Common Radar System, ECRS), for which Hensoldt is responsible for the overall design. The radar with electronic beam steering (Active Electronically Scanned Array, AESA), also known as E-Scan, will be installed in the Mk1 version of the Eurofighter.

For this purpose, Hensoldt has commissioned the Italian Eurofighter partner Leonardo with the development and delivery of important antenna, processor and APSC components, as Leonardo has announced. Leonardo will carry out development work on new broadband capabilities and will supply essential parts of the new radar's antenna, APSC (Antenna Power Supply & Control) and processor. The contracts have a volume of 260 million euros.

The German and Spanish ECRS Mk1 radar features a multi-channel digital receiver and new broadband transceiver modules that improve the capabilities of the Mk0 radar. Leonardo's contribution will help increase the range and accuracy of the ECRS Mk1, the company writes. According to the information, the first ECRS-Mk1 radar is expected to be produced in 2025.

Leonardo and Hensoldt have been working together on several projects for years. Most recently, Leonardo took over a 25.1 percent stake in Hensoldt.

Leonardo an E-Scan-Radar für Eurofighter beteiligt

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