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The six German and Norwegian submarines of the joint submarine project U212 CD will be equipped with digital sensor suites from Hensoldt Optronics. Hensoldt was commissioned by kta naval systems, a consortium made up of Kongsberg, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systeme and Atlas Elektronik, to deliver six optronic systems worth 50 million euros, the company announced.

According to Hensoldt, the systems to be supplied each consist of an OMS 150 optronic mast system, an OMS 300 and an i360 ° OS panorama monitoring system. With the twin optronic mast solution, the client would have opted for the technological leap from the conventional, traditional direct view of a periscope system to a completely fuselage-penetrating digital system solution, continues Hensoldt.

The combination of OMS 150 and OMS 300 was commissioned for the first time for the U212CD class. The multispectral version of the OMS 150 is used as a search and monitoring optronic mast.

Optronikmastsysteme OMS 150 und 300 für das deutsch-norwegische U-Boot-Projekt
The OMS 150 from Hensoldt, Photo: Hensoldt

According to the data sheet, the OMS 150 has a high-resolution day / night vision camera, an IR camera and a laser rangefinder as well as a radar device and antennas, e.g. for GPS reception, in the stabilized head. The OMS 300 stealth optronic mast takes on the so-called "attack" function. According to the manufacturer, the developers at Hensoldt used the OMS 300 to create an optronic mast that is difficult to detect visually and via radar, which significantly increases the safety of the crews. This multispectral optronic equipment enables the crew the best view in all light and weather conditions, as well as a very wide range of uses.

"With this combination, the new submarines are equipped with sensors that combine the highest detection capabilities, even in poor visibility, with a high degree of automation and thus significantly improve the ability of the boats to act and survive," said Hensoldt Optronics Managing Director Andreas Shell.

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