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As early as December 2021, the Qatari army took over the first of 16 ordered tactical transport helicopters (TTH) NH90 from Airbus Helicopters, as the manufacturer has now announced. In 2018, Qatar ordered 16 NH90 TTHs for the army and 12 NH90 NATO Frigate Helicopters (NFH) for the navy. The delivery of the NFH is scheduled to begin this year. All 28 helicopters should be delivered by 2025.

The delivery contract obliges Leonardo as the main contractor to control the entire program and to manufacture and deliver the 12 NFHs. Airbus Helicopters builds and delivers the 16 TTH. Both companies work together in the joint venture NHIndustries, which was founded in 1992 to develop, manufacture and support the operation of the NH90 helicopter.

In addition to the delivery of the helicopters, the contract includes a comprehensive package of services for the training of crews and maintenance personnel, including simulators, for operational support and the provision of the associated infrastructure. In addition, the delivery of an additional six TTH and six NFH units has been agreed as an option.

Qatar is the 14th nation to use the helicopter, which has been introduced into NATO and allied nations since 2006. According to Airbus Helicopters, the order from Qatar has increased the order volume to a total of 543 NH90s, of which more than 460 aircraft have been delivered to 20 users in 13 nations.

The Bundeswehr is the largest NH90 user. While the delivery of the 82 ordered NH90s in the TTH version has been completed for the army, the 18 ordered Navy Transport Helicopters (NTH) are to be delivered by the end of 2022 and 31 Multi Role Frigate Helicopters (MRFH) are to be delivered from the end of 2025.

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