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Also this year the Mittler-Report Verlag publishes its annual compendium “Soldat & Technik”. The 2022 edition continues the claim to devote 164 pages to the individual combat strength of soldiers and their multipliers. This includes both intellectual and technical equipment: military self-image, combat readiness, training, (operational) experience, clothing, mobility, personal equipment and, of course, armament.

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From the content:


  • Personal equipment and clothing - please, threat-appropriate, modern, functional and complete! Wolfgang Köpke, retired major general, President Förderkreis Deutsches Heer eV

Armed Forces and Operation

  • German special forces. Advance strategic realignment! (Jan-Phillipp Weisswange)
  • Numquam Retro - the hunting command of the Federal Army (Jan-Phillipp Weisswange)
  • Interview with Brigadier MMag. Philipp Ségur-Cabanac, commander of the hunting command
  • Airborne operations. Skills and Demands (Marcus Christoph)
  • Airborne Brigade 1: Structure and training of ETUC forces 26 (André Forkert)
  • The modern sniper being. Requirements, armament, training (Philipp Heidrich)
  • Training and practice in winter combat (Markus Schubert)
  • Training of the "emergency first aiders Bravo" and their emergency equipment (Kai Böttcher and team of authors)

Hand guns and operative means

  • Progress in firepower (Jan-Phillipp Weisswange)
  • Revolutionary optics in the networked battlefield - this is how ELCANs SmartOptic makes soldiers safer and more effective (Raytheon ELCAN)
  • A multiple K-question. Current developments in light machine guns and support weapons (Jan-Phillipp Weisswange)
  • The new .375 SWISS P - your tactical advantage (RUAG Ammotec AG)
  • Military multi-purpose shotguns: the Swiss Army Knife among firearms (Thomas Nielsen)
  • Infantry anti-tank defense - many roads lead to success (Waldemar Geiger)
  • MBDA wants to realize family concept for Enforcer missiles. Interview with with Andreas Scharrenbroich,
  • Head of Program Enforcer at MBDA Germany and Jochen Dehner, Head of Sales and Marketing Land Systems at MBDA Germany
  • System command mortar - fire support for the special forces (Hirtenberger Defense Europe GmbH)
  • Sights for service pistols - an overview (Kristóf Nagy)
  • Optical high-performance performance for the armed forces (STEINER-Optik GmbH)
  • Joint Fire Support Missile. An active agent option for the future system of long-range indirect fire (Waldemar Geiger)
  • HENSOLDT - high quality glass optics and modern multi-sensor optics (HENSOLDT Optronics GmbH)
  • Defense against combat swimmer attacks: are underwater hand weapons experiencing a renaissance? (Kristóf Nagy)
  • Defense against drones for all troops? (Kristóf Nagy)

Clothing and Equipment

  • Current major projects in combat clothing and equipment (Jan-Phillipp Weisswange)
  • New GORE-TEX stretch technology combines comfort and the best moisture protection for armed forces. Innovation in the military wet weather clothing market (WL Gore & Associates GmbH)
  • Combat equipment for the "Cold War" (Jan-Phillipp Weisswange)
  • Proven in use! (Scandic Outdoor GmbH)
  • Let there be light! faLKE: Flexibly adaptable light supply for mobile workers in action (Josefine Neuschäffer and Stephanie Khadjavi)
  • Tasmanian Tiger presents new backpacks for military use (Tasmanian Tiger)
  • Mobility and protection - the search for the optimal ballistic protective equipment (Waldemar Geiger)
  • TRIVIUM® head protection system made in Germany (Hexonia GmbH)
  • Field hygiene for use and exercise - maintenance-free and hygienic field toilet system for the armed forces (Potti Corp. EU BV)

Leadership, networking and education

  • Soldier systems of the Bundeswehr (Lars Hoffmann)
  • Miniature power packs for extreme applications. Digitization in the military places increasing demands on connectors as well (ODU GmbH & Co. KG)
  • Renaissance of the short wave? (Waldemar Geiger)
  • Revolutionizing the battlefield - Rheinmetall's approaches to digitization and networking (Rheinmetall AG)
  • An integrative module for the management of communication and power supply for the soldier of the future (roda computer GmbH)
  • State-of-the-art optronic sensor technology for dismounted use (Elbit Systems Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG)
  • Speeches Tailored to the Mission - logistics made easy! (Imtradex Hearing and Speech Systems GmbH)
  • Networking places new demands on soldiers' radios (Lars Hoffmann)
  • New technology for networking dismounted soldiers (Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG)
  • Integration of secure tactical and mobile communication in the operational area (Bittium Germany GmbH)
  • Night vision glasses in the Bundeswehr. An overview (Rafael Braun)
  • Theon Sensors on the road to success nationally and internationally again in 2021 (THEON Deutschland GmbH)
  • In the conflict of goals: range versus field of view. Thermal imaging cameras in military use: observation, target and attachment devices (VECTED GmbH)

Combat vehicles and mobility

  • Armored personnel carrier Puma on the way to the consolidated armament status S1 (Gerhard Heiming)
  • Heavy armor infantry. Needs and demands (Peter Gerlach and Oliver Gawrylowicz)
  • DAGOR - fast off-road specialist for special forces (Rainer Diederich GmbH)
  • Air landing platform - one for all. Demands on the air landing platform (René Medici)
  • Achieve communication superiority - intercom for every application! (Imtradex Hearing and Speech Systems GmbH)
  • ACS focuses on "light forces" (ACS Armored Car Systems GmbH)
  • Demands on the snow mobility of the future (Jakob Ningelgen)
  • Defenture Mammoth - the special forces command gets a new family of vehicles (Waldemar Geiger and Gerhard Heiming)
  • UGV for the infantry: basic qualification of the systems already available today (Waldemar Geiger)
  • Complete system demonstrator for a future airmobile weapon carrier (Marco Klöckner and Ulrich Schael)

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Wehrtechnischer Report „Soldat & Technik 2022“ erschienen

Wehrtechnischer Report „Soldat & Technik 2022“ erschienen

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