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With the command radio system BNET True Software Defined Radio (SDR), the Bundeswehr has the opportunity to create the conditions for armed forces capable of winning through real innovation and sustainable digitization. Exceptionally high data rates of up to 100mbit / s enable tactical collaboration in resilient mesh ad-hoc networks (MANET) down to association level. Thanks to its extensive interoperability, the BNET SDR manufactured in Germany is ideal as a European radio device solution for the digitization of land-based operations.

The BNET command radios are a new generation of True SDR that are not only able to guarantee seamless and interoperable communication, but also to ensure information superiority in land-based operations. The challenge here is no longer to collect information, but to make information available at the right level and, if possible, in real time. The high number of sensors in the entire electromagnetic spectrum generates an immense amount of data in all tactical activities, while opposing means of electronic combat permanently disrupt parts of the spectrum. In this big data battlespace, your own command radio must be able to assert itself.

The prerequisite for this is a communication network that enables high data rates and at the same time is resilient in the face of opposing measures in the electromagnetic spectrum. The software-based True SDR radios of the BNET series from DND-Digital use international standards for maximum interoperability even with legacy devices, but technologically differ significantly from conventional SDR. Due to the patented Multi-Channel-Reception (MCR) technology for the parallel reception and transmission on frequencies from VHF to UHF up to the S-band, BNET True SDR enables data rates of up to 100 Mbit / s and can record up to six videos per device broadcast in HD quality at the same time. With this technology, BNET True SDR can simultaneously receive and transmit video, voice and data communication in a specified frequency spectrum and not just individually on individual frequencies.

Führungsfunksystem BNET: disruptive Innovation der taktischen Kommunikation
With data rates of up to 100MBit / s, the software-based BNET SDR make the big data battlefield manageable. (Graphic: DND)

With integrated spectrum analyzers, BNET True SDR are also particularly suitable for the struggle for information superiority in Big Data Battlespace, as they permanently filter the available spectrum and only use those frequency ranges that are not disturbed by the opponent. The frequency ranges available for units and associations can be specified via the intuitive network management system (NMS) and the frequency management specifications can be adhered to.

In addition, the multi-channel reception technology is supplemented by a dynamic spectrum allocation (DSA), which dynamically allocates the frequencies available in the frequency band to the individual entities depending on the detected hostile EloKa measures and their own occupancy.

BNET True SDR are available in different configurations for flying and moving platforms as well as dismounted forces. With the nano variant, the BNET functions are also available for the networking of unmanned systems or soldier systems, paving the way for the creation of the glass battlefield on the basis of automated airborne reconnaissance systems.

BNET radios create particularly strong networks. In a large-scale test in cooperation with an established partner of the Bundeswehr for deployable networks, BNET True SDR maintained a resilient MANET with over 250 mobile participants under combat conditions in real terrain. Even if the technology in theory allows significantly larger networks, this MANET was already several times larger than that of conventional SDRs. With this new dimension of MANET capability, previous bottlenecks in communication are a thing of the past. Individual command radios that function as nodes and represent unnecessary weak points in the hierarchical structure of current communication no longer exist in such MANETs.

The preparations for the production of the BNET devices in Germany are now on the home stretch. While the knowledge transfer for the manufacture and further development of the devices in Germany has been completed, the preparation for production in Germany will be completed by the end of 2021.

Führungsfunksystem BNET: disruptive Innovation der taktischen Kommunikation
With the nano variant, the capabilities of the BNET SDR are also available for unmanned systems and soldier systems. (Graphic: DND)

Further information on the BNET guidance radio system can be found on the DND-Digital website: Leadership and education - Dynamit Nobel Defense GmbH (


Führungsfunksystem BNET: disruptive Innovation der taktischen Kommunikation

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