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With a letter of intent regarding a strategic stake in the IT company 4iG, Rheinmetall has started investing in the Hungarian digitization service provider and IT provider 4iG. As Rheinmetall has announced, the company plans to take over a blocking minority of 25.1 percent of the company's shares in 4iG.

Regarding the objective, Rheinmetall writes that the cooperation should make a decisive contribution to further strengthening Rheinmetall's position as a leading system house for security technologies in Central and Eastern Europe. The planned cooperation also offers great opportunities with regard to the development of civil markets and new fields of technology such as satellite technology. 4iG will act as Rheinmetall's strategic IT partner in order to develop new digital market potential.

The Budapest-based and listed company 4iG is also to act as a digitization service provider for Rheinmetall in Hungary in the future. For this purpose, a separate joint venture between Rheinmetall (51 percent) and 4iG (49 percent) is planned to set up and operate their own IT infrastructures and services in Hungary.

Rheinmetall will sich an ungarischem IT-Anbieter 4iG beteiligen

"The participation in 4iG is an integral part of Rheinmetall's digitization strategy, but it also represents a special commitment to Hungary as a location," said Rheinmetall AG's CEO Armin Papperger.

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