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The NATO Support and Procurement Agency NSPA has extended the service contract with Antonov Logistics SALIS GmbH by five years, as Antonov recently announced. Thereafter, the company will keep two AN 124-100 wide-body aircraft permanently available at Leipzig Airport for orders from NATO countries. In July 2021, the Bundestag committees had provided 206 million euros for the German part of the contract.

SALIS-Vertrag um fünf Jahre verlängert
An Antonv AN 124-100 on the runway near Leipzig, source: Antonov

The contractual partners have been working together as part of the “Strategic Airlift International Solution” (SALIS) since 2006 and have carried out a number of heavy transports. In addition to the two constantly available AN 124-100 aircraft, other aircraft of the same type, but also the AN 225 - the largest aircraft in the world - and the AN 22 - the largest turboprop aircraft in the world - could be used if required.

The signing of the contract in September was preceded by a conference in Prague, at which the client, representatives from all participating countries and the contractor evaluated the services in the previous three-year contract period. The result was the conclusion of the new contract for the first time with a term of five years. The performance period was set to 2022 to 2026.

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