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The Israeli armaments company Elbit System has announced that it intends to present ARCAS, a new type of fire control sight, at the DSEi armaments fair taking place in London next week. ARCAS stands for Assault Rifle Combat Application System. Behind it is a computer-controlled system with AI support, combined with an electro-optical sight. According to the company, this is able to display intuitively usable battlefield information in real time in the rifle optics or in an eyepiece mounted on the helmet.

ARCAS is intended to transform assault rifles into digital and networked weapon systems, thereby improving the lethality, effectiveness and survivability of soldiers in all visibility conditions.

According to a statement from Elbit, ARCAS offers infantry and special forces "unprecedented capabilities: passive ranging, automatic ballistic correction, shot source detection, video motion detection, the ability to accurately fire around the corner and from the hip, an interface to tactical command and control information systems (C2), navigation support, friend or foe detection, weapon jamming and ammo inventory detection, and weapon alignment without the need for a live shot”.

ARCAS is a handle that weighs around 1000 g and is attached to the handguard of the assault rifle, in which an AI-controlled computer, a control element and an electro-optic are integrated. The miniaturized computer unit receives and processes data from the optics, tactical information from command and control information systems, data from other ARCAS users in the vicinity, and the rifle's mechanical information. This data is processed and fed into the field of view of the rifle optics (second assembly) or the helmet eyepiece, according to the manufacturer. It is operated using the thumb button of the supporting hand. "Soldiers operate the system with a joystick button on the rifle's front grip and a graphical user interface inspired by the gaming world," the Elbit statement said.

ARCAS is based on an open architecture concept and can be used in two configurations. It can incorporate a thermal sight or low light camera optics as part of the system and is capable of connecting to any existing EO scope.

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