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The German sensor manufacturer Hensoldt delivers its PrecISR air surveillance radar to the air surveillance specialist CAE-Aviation in Luxembourg, who installs the system under a King Air Beechcraft B350. As Hensoldt also announced, the end customer cannot be named. In a strategic partnership, the two companies want to develop customer-specific skills, training, maintenance and marketing of the PrecISR product in the future

The contract included flight demonstrations in real land and sea scenarios in which PrecISR was able to demonstrate its SAR / MTI capabilities at a high level. This included the joint participation of Hensoldt and CAE-Aviation in the maritime surveillance exercise OCEAN 2020 (see article on page 1/2), during which PrecISR was mounted on an aircraft from CAE-Aviation.

The PrecISR airborne multi-mission surveillance radar uses the latest in active array and digital receiver technology for a scalable, high-performance sensor that can be installed on board helicopters, UAVs and fixed-wing aircraft, Hensoldt announced. The system is able to recognize, track and classify thousands of objects and thus literally find the “needle in the haystack”, continues Hensoldt.

Installation is particularly easy because of its compact design and the arrangement of all parts outside the airframe.

Luftüberwachungsradar PrecISR geht in den Einsatz
Luftüberwachungsradar PrecISR geht in den Einsatz

Hensoldt names the monitoring of large sea and coastal areas as a typical area of ​​application to protect against piracy, smuggling and illegal entry and points to the high level of precision and accuracy.

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