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In order to be able to set up and operate a military airfield independently of a missing or inadequate flight operations infrastructure, the Bundeswehr will receive an air-transportable air traffic control system. The Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Use of the Bundeswehr (BAAINBw) has commissioned the companies steep and ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik Gesellschaft to manufacture such a system and to deliver it from 2023. Then the training of the air traffic controllers and the technical maintenance personnel is to begin, as emerges from a communication from the BAAINBw. The plant and staff should be ready for use from 2026. The total costs are estimated at 67 million euros.

With the mobile air traffic control system, an airport and approach control point can be set up regardless of location. This requires a range of technical aids for communication, navigation and monitoring of air traffic. The system housed in the container provides the necessary sensors and technology for this, as well as the associated airfield lighting. Thanks to the container design, the air traffic control system can be transported on the common logistics trucks of the German Armed Forces, by ship and train, as well as in the A400M transport aircraft.

In current and future missions abroad, the safeguarding of military flight operations is of decisive importance, both for the conduct of operations on site (air transport, airborne weapon systems) and for the connection to the home country (change of contingents, transport of the wounded, supplies), the Federal Office justifies the necessity of this procurement . And further: The Bundeswehr will be able to build and operate a self-sufficient airfield in a country of operations.

Luftverladbare Flugsicherungsanlage für die Bundeswehr

With this “airfield to go”, the Bundeswehr can not only react flexibly to international challenges, but ultimately also contribute to the safety of soldiers in the deployment areas.

Gerhard Heiming