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With the decisions now made by the budget committee, the procurement and modernization of units of the Navy, some of which are long overdue, can be initiated. However, these measures only have a medium and long-term effect. They will not bring any relief in a short period of time. These measures will also not result in an increase in the size of the Navy's flagpoles. With the exception of the submarines, this is about replacement purchases or modernization projects for units that are getting on in years or no longer meet today's requirements (fuel supplier - double-hull tanker).

Die über sechs Milliarden Euro dienen laut dem Koordinator der Bundesregierung für die maritime Wirtschaft, Norbert Brackmann, dem „dringenden Fähigkeitserhalt der Bestandseinheiten der Marine zur Sicherstellung der Beschickung von laufenden Einsätzen, anderen Verpflichtungen und prioritärer Vorhaben forderten“. Weiter heißt es in seiner Stellungnahme: „Ich bin sehr froh, dass wir diese Legislaturperiode mit einem so klaren Bekenntnis für unsere Deutsche Marine abschließen können. Ihre Einsatzfähigkeit ist für die gesamte deutsche Volkswirtschaft von enormer Bedeutung.“

A manifestation long overdue in this clarity. Now it is up to the timely implementation of the implementation. With the choice of surface and underwater naval shipbuilding as a key industry decided by the Federal Cabinet on February 12, 2020, which was carried out with the intention of strengthening the security and defense industry, national procurement would appear to be the obvious choice for the construction projects. It would be desirable to proceed as quickly as the company Fr.Lürssen-Werft has announced for the fleet service boats.

The implementation of the construction project as well as the procurement and modernization measures or the elimination of obsolescence does not have to be time-consuming. Because the “Act on Accelerated Procurement in Defense and Security and Optimization of the Procurement Statistics Ordinance”, which was launched in October 2019, is intended to facilitate faster purchasing for procurement offices. Perhaps a case in which the federal government could keep its promises.

Kommentar: Schnelle Umsetzung nötig - Voraussetzungen sind dafür vorhanden

In any case, Berlin has an obligation to support domestic industries in the Covid 19 crisis. Ultimately, it will show how seriously the implementation of the considerations initiated by the pandemic on "reshoring", i.e. bringing production back into one's own country, and on restructuring the supply chains is carried out.

Now that the budgetary hurdle has been overcome, one can only hope that the German naval shipbuilders will both recognize the opportunity and take their responsibility. The same applies to the procurement authority. It would be desirable that the projects are not pushed onto a track of negative coordination.

Hans Uwe Mergener