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The defense technology group KMW + Nexter Defense Systems (KNDS), formed from the defense technology system houses Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (Germany) and Nexter (France), was able to increase its sales by a few million to 2.4 billion euros in 2020 despite the effects of the pandemic.

The order backlog rose by 3.3 billion euros to a record value of 10.6 billion euros. The orders for 2020 include 322 Fennek MLU (Netherlands), 24 Iguana bridge layers (Germany), 42 Jaguar, 271 Griffon and 364 Serval (France) and Caesar guns (export).

Frank Haun, CEO of KNDS, sees that urgently needed army projects are coming under pressure because there are signs of a significant increase in expenditure on air armaments.

KNDS mit stabilem Umsatz 2020
KNDS mit stabilem Umsatz 2020

Gerhard Heiming