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The Italian Fincantieri Group was awarded the contract in Indonesia to supply six Fremm-class frigates, the modernization and sale of two Maestrale-class frigates and logistical support for the two systems. The modernization of the two ships of the Maestrale class, which Fincantieri will take over from the Italian Navy after their decommissioning, is to be carried out in Italy. The Italian Navy currently has four of the frigates of this type, built between 1983 and 1985, in service.

The Indonesian Navy operates, among other things, two modern frigates of the Martadinata class (a Sigma design by Damen Naval Shipbuilding) and five former frigates of the Dutch Navy from the Van Speijk class. The larger surface units still include ten corvettes of Dutch and British origin. In addition, there are 14 units of the Parchim I class of the former People's Navy of the GDR, categorized as anti-submarine corvettes.

Fincantieri feiert Erfolge in Indonesien und Südkorea und verbessert Marktstellung
The Italian Fremm frigate Carlo Margottini. (F 592) Photo: Piergiuliano Chesi, Wikipedia CC

Djakarta is pursuing a so-called 'Minimum Essential Force Plan' to expand and modernize its fleet, which envisages a minimum of 151 ships by 2024, 220 ships as standard or 274 ships in the ideal case. As part of the further expansion of the navy's fleet of ships to the size of a frigate, the 'shortlist' with four designs was announced at the beginning of the year: an improved variant of the Sigma 10514 design by Damen, the new 30FFM class, which the Japanese shipbuilder Mitsui for the Japanese Navy builds (ESUT reported), Arrowhead 140 by Babcock and Fincantieris Fremm.

Fincantieri feiert Erfolge in Indonesien und Südkorea und verbessert Marktstellung
Originally six Martadinata-class units were planned for the Indonesian Navy. Two are on duty now. Photo: ladies

The new Fremm ships will be built in Italy. Fincantieri aims to work with the local PT-PAL shipyard (Java).

Nothing was known about the costs. The price of the frigates of the Fremm class is quantified differently in the other user countries. While Italy estimates around 800 million euros, the cost in France is around 860 million per unit. The US Navy reported 714.5 million euros (870 million US dollars) to the US Congress, which in turn gave the cost per unit at 985.5 million euros (1.2 billion dollars) (Congressional Budget Office, October 2020 ).

Fincantieri is helping Daewoo design the South Korean aircraft carrier

Fincantieri feiert Erfolge in Indonesien und Südkorea und verbessert Marktstellung

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) will collaborate with Fincantieri on the conceptual design of the new CVX aircraft carrier for the South Korean Navy. The agreement that has now been signed provides for the development of the basic design for the type ship from the second half of 2021, while detailed design and construction are to begin in the following years. Fincantieri DSME will work on his design for the "Trieste", an amphibious transport ship in the LHD (Landing Helicopter Dock) category. Fincantieri is already cooperating with the East Asian country on the construction of a total of eight Daegu-class frigates (FFX-II) via the subsidiary Seastema and its integrated platform management system (IPMS) 'SEASNavy'.

Fincantieri feiert Erfolge in Indonesien und Südkorea und verbessert Marktstellung
The delivery of the "Trieste" is expected in 2022. Photo: courtesy of Luca Peruzzi

Both programs are important for Fincantieri in this strategic area of ​​the Western Pacific. They strengthen the position of the Italian shipbuilder, especially since Djakarta originally planned to buy six units of the Martadinata class, i.e. the Dutch competitor. There is more information about a contract already signed in 2020, according to which a variant of the Danish Iver Huitfeldt class is to be built. These intentions, which have not been publicly confirmed, could now lapse.

Fincantieri has recently achieved internationally acclaimed success with the delivery of two Fremm-class frigates to Egypt and the selection of his design for the future frigates of the US Navy FFG (X). In May 2021, the US subsidiary of the Trieste group received the order to deliver a second Fremm frigate for 553.9 million US dollars (approx. 455 million euros) to the US Navy.

Hans Uwe Mergener