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The Territorial Tasks Command of the Bundeswehr helps with domestic disasters such as floods and terrorist attacks. Due to Corona, this so-called administrative assistance is again in focus and the tasks of the command are growing. The amount of data and information that the command's operations center processes and compiles into a territorial picture of the situation is also growing.

Can AI help to gain an overview and evaluate the situation more quickly and thus react more quickly? The Cyber ​​Innovation Hub of the Bundeswehr that in the Territorial Tasks Command of the Bundeswehr with the Prometheus KI disaster warning system. The software condenses the picture of the situation by autonomously collecting and pre-evaluating relevant information on critical events. To do this, it searches open information and data sources on the Internet for specified topics and keywords. The advantage: Relief of routine tasks. The innovation: Prometheus is learning! The intelligent algorithms are getting better every day and the situation report is becoming more efficient.

The goal: a territorial crisis warning system for a comprehensive picture of the situation in real time - in order to be able to react quickly to crises. For effective administrative assistance, for support in Germany - for the people in Germany.

Innovationsvorhaben des Monats: Prometheus KI

More information on the innovation project and its history can be found here.

Josefine Neuschäffer