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The current pandemic situation shows us once again how important a uniform, cross-agency radio communication in the event of major damage events and disasters.

This applies in particular to several authorities and organizations with security tasks (BOS) involved in the event, for which digital radio was set up in a Germany-wide shared radio network and for which further investments are made in network hardening.

The digital radio organizations with security tasks (DigFu-BOS) is a non-public, mobile VHF land radio service. It enables all authorities and organizations with security tasks to communicate with each other in an encrypted radio network - this has enormous advantages, especially in the event of disasters and major incidents, as information can be passed on directly to the emergency services involved from different institutions. This avoids time delays, transmits quick decisions and informs other helpers.

Who uses the BOS digital radio and who is an authorized participant?

The DigFu-BOS was developed and implemented for authorities and organizations with security tasks. This applies to both state and non-state participants who are entrusted with maintaining or restoring public safety and order. Initially, participation in the BOS radio was limited to a few areas of the Bundeswehr, so military police, Bundeswehr hospitals and Bundeswehr fire departments were the pioneers in its use.

Interaction between Authorized Bodies (AS) and Digital Radio Liaison Centers (VSD) (Graphic: Author)

With the decision of the Federal Government to amend the law for the Federal Agency for Digital Radio of Authorities and Organizations with Security Tasks (BDBOS) and the publication in the Federal Law Gazette on December 2, 2019, the Bundeswehr is an equal participant in the BOS digital radio network.
Eligible participants include:

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