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The Bundeswehr receives equipment sets for the mobile accommodation of the forces in action, which supplement the personal equipment of the soldiers. After parliamentary approval of the corresponding € 25 million bill on March 24, 2021, the Bundeswehr intends to conclude a framework contract for the procurement of tent-based equipment. With the seven-year contract, the procurement of up to 19,000 accommodation systems with a value of 83 million euros is to be agreed. The first lot with 3,225 systems (13 million euros) should be called up immediately and be available to the troops in good time for use by the spearhead of NATO VJTF 2023.

In certain situations, especially at the beginning of operations, the troops have to be accommodated within a short period of time, regardless of a fixed infrastructure - sometimes for several days. This is only possible at the lowest possible level with the half tent ("Dachshund garage"), sleeping bag, crockery and folding shovel included in the personal equipment. For the “mobile accommodation in action”, equipment sets for four soldiers each are procured in core modules (KBS) accommodation, food and hygiene / sanitary as well as a waste collection module. This supports an operating time of up to approx. 72 hours. For longer periods of use, the level of comfort can be increased with supplementary modules (EBS).

The core component of accommodation consists of four one-man tents, which can be linked to form groups of tents, and four lamps. With the supplementary module accommodation, four-man accommodation with a table, four chairs and loungers each and a lamp is provided. A multi-purpose module for heating / cooling up to four EBS accommodation is not part of the current project.

The KBS catering includes cookers, pots and a thermal container for heating water and preparing individual catering for four soldiers. The elements of the KBS are weight-optimized so that they can be stacked and transported in the smallest of spaces. Should the provision of an EBS catering be necessary, the capacities of the “mobile field kitchen” are used, which is before the start of series production after the operational test.

With the KBS Hygiene / Sanitary, a dry toilet and a privacy screen are provided, which defuse the embarrassing situation of the "spade walk" and avoid permanent legacies. The capacity is sufficient for four soldiers for 72 hours. An EBS hygiene / sanitary facility with heated shower and washing facilities for up to 167 soldiers is currently not being procured.

The BS waste collection consists of lockable rubbish bags for the intermediate storage of the waste up to a collection after 60 days at the latest. The volume is designed for the waste of four soldiers over three days.

The material for the mobile accommodation in the deployment must be brought to the deployment sites using the troop's available means of transport.

“The new modular equipment offers the troops accommodation that can be adapted to different environmental conditions. More relaxing rest periods and better hygienic conditions strengthen the soldiers' physical and mental health. This is crucial for the stamina and combat strength of the troops, which is strengthened with it, "says the website of the Ministry of Defense.

Gerhard Heiming