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The pandemic also poses major challenges for the Bundeswehr: Meetings for interviews, counseling, application or support discussions are currently mostly not permitted by law.

Video telephony can help here: this allows distance regulations to be adhered to and resources to be saved. What is common in civil companies is not far more complex in the Bundeswehr due to the high security standards.

A solution to the problem was already successfully found last year by the Bundeswehr Cyber ​​Innovation Hub in the Bundeswehr Hospital in Berlin tested: an online video consultation platform from a certified German provider. The data connection between the communication partners takes place end-to-end without an intermediary server or data storage. This, coupled with the encryption used, makes it possible to exchange sensitive personal data and to maintain confidentiality.

The innovation project is currently being tested in the career centers of the BAPersBw, in the social and psychological services of the Bundeswehr.

Josefine Neuschäffer