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The simulation landscape around the A400M transport aircraft continues to grow. In addition to the simulators for the flight personnel, there are more and more training resources for the hold crews and ground personnel. The Bundeswehr has now ordered two A400M cargo hold simulators, Cargo Hold Part Task Trainers (CPTT), from Rheinmetall. The two simulators worth tens of millions of euros are to be delivered at the end of 2022 / beginning of 2023 and installed at the Wunstorf and Altenstadt locations.

The loading of the transport aircraft is a safety-critical element. The weight and positioning of the load and the securing of the load are crucial for the safety of the aircraft. Short, efficient loading processes reduce the aircraft's ground time and thus directly protect everyone involved.

So that the processes can be practiced in a drill-like manner without having to use the essential and expensive original device, simulators are used in which the training is carried out in a faithfully reproduced environment.

In Wunstorf, at the location of Lufttransportgeschwader 62, the new loading simulator complements the existing Cargo Hold Trainer Enhanced (CHT-E) for training the hold crews, especially the load supervisor, and the ground staff.

A400M-Laderaumsimulatoren für Heer und Luftwaffe
A400M-Laderaumsimulatoren für Heer und Luftwaffe

The second CPTT will be set up at the air landing and air transport school in Altenstadt and will be used for training air handling personnel and parachutists. There the CPTT is the first A400M simulator on site.

The A400M cargo space simulator is an A400M cargo space with controls that has been reproduced exactly to the original scale. It is used for the realistic training of cargo hold crews and ground staff. With the CPTT, the mission-specific configurable conversion of the cargo space, the preparation of the cargo, loading and unloading, procedures during the flight and on the ground as well as the cooperation of the crews can be trained. The system is suitable for both initial and advanced training as well as for repetition and operational training.

Gerhard Heiming