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The Norwegian Army will receive twenty additional CV90 infantry fighting vehicles by 2023. Twelve will be delivered as pioneer tanks and eight as multi-purpose transport tanks. Norway has provided the equivalent of around 45 million euros from funds to cope with the Corona crisis, which are mainly intended to benefit Norwegian companies. The main contractor BAE Systems Hägglunds therefore involves up to 30 Norwegian suppliers in the execution of the order.

With the addition of twenty other armored personnel carriers, the CV90 fleet in Norway grows to 164 vehicles. The existing 144 tanks had been modernized between 2015 and 2019 and were put back into operation in five versions, like ESuT reported.

Norway is one of seven European users using the CV90. The others are Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden and the Netherlands. With almost 1,300 vehicles in different variants in use, the vehicle is battle-tested.

Gerhard Heiming