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The IDEX International Defense Equipment Show in Abu Dhabi is the largest of its kind in the Middle East. It takes place every two years. It will also take place in real terms in 2021 with the usual hygiene regulations. One of the fair's novelties is the Medium Tactical Vehicle (MTV), which is currently being developed for the Dutch armed forces. Iveco will present it to the public for the first time at the trade fair, which will take place from February 21-25, 21st.

The vehicle is to be introduced in all branches of the armed forces and the military police of the Netherlands from 2023. The Dutch Ministry of Defense has ordered a total of 1,185 vehicles in four versions with short and long cabins.

MTV versions with soft and hard top

Patrol / liaison vehicle 2+2
Transport vehicle (pickup) 2
Transport of wounded 2 + 2 (lying) or 2 + 4 (sitting)
Security vehicle (military police / air force) 2+6
MTV and AV, Photo: Iveco

The twelve-ton 4 × 4 vehicle is permanently driven on all four wheels by a 207 kW diesel engine via an automatic transmission. The cabins of all variants are made of ballistic steel and are additionally protected against bullets and blasts with add-on protective elements. With Canbus, the vehicles are prepared to accommodate modern C4I systems. 120 MTV will receive a remote-controlled weapon station for self-defense.

The vehicle presented at the trade fair in Abu Dhabi largely corresponds to the prototype with which company trials are to begin this year. Future users want to start their own tests in 2022 and qualify the vehicle. If the outcome is positive, series production could then be released and the first vehicles be available from 2023.

Gerhard Heiming