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The radar systems of initially two corvettes of the class 130 of the German Navy as well as a land system are modernized. The relevant contracts have now been concluded. The modernization should take place this year.

The corvettes, which have been in use since 2008, are equipped with the three-dimensional multifunctional radar TRS-3D for air and sea surveillance. It has a range of over two hundred kilometers and is capable of tracking more than 750 targets. By coupling with the identification system MSSR 2000 I from the same manufacturer Hensoldt, position and movement data can be correlated, which facilitates the automatic identification of ships and aircraft. According to the company, the TRS-3D radar system is the global market leader in its class. More than 60 devices are in use by navies and coast guards worldwide.

Hensoldt is also the supplier of the radar systems for the second batch of the K 130 corvettes (ESUT reported). The company already has seven TRS-4D “Rotator” radars and the friend-and-foe detection system (IFF) MSSR 2000 I under contract - for five corvettes and two land installations. The delivery should take place by 2022.

With the MSSR 2000 I (MSSR = Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar), Hensoldt was the first non-American company to have its friend-foe recognition system certified by the responsible (AIMS) program office in the US Department of Defense in 2019 (ESUT reported).

Hans Uwe Mergener