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The 65 boxers in the Bundeswehr command vehicle variant are brought to the A2 level. The conversion of the second batch with 27 vehicles has now been commissioned. The modernization of the first batch with 38 vehicles began in 2017. The work should be completed in 2024.

Armory A2 is the standard for all boxers in the Bundeswehr. Newly produced vehicles are delivered as A2. All others will sooner or later be upgraded to this standard.

The upgrade to the new design level A2 includes modernizations, including the driver's vision system, the exhaust and cooling air ducts, the towing device, the driver's platform, the headlight system as well as the software and system security. In addition, satellite communication, radio equipment, voice and data transmission and IT equipment will be improved.

The command vehicle (FüFz) is one of four variants of the tried and tested armored transport vehicle (GTK) boxer currently used in the Bundeswehr. Other variants are vehicles for group transport (286 vehicles), transport of the wounded (72) and the driving school (10). The command vehicle is used in the mechanized units as a mobile command post and as a command post vehicle. The vehicles have extensive radio equipment and modern guidance equipment.

Boxer Führungsfahrzeuge werden modernisiert
Boxer Führungsfahrzeuge werden modernisiert

The retrofitting is being carried out in the competence center for tactical wheeled vehicles of the Vehicle Systems Division in the Rheinmetall Group by Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH at the Kassel location. Work is scheduled to start in March 2021. The first vehicle is to be delivered in 2022, the others by 2024.

Gerhard Heiming