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The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA), based in Capellen (Luxembourg), offers a well-functioning logistical support concept for weapon systems. It combines NATO's logistics and procurement activities, including defense procurement support activities, into a single organization and provides integrated multinational support solutions for NATO, NATO member states and partner countries as their customers.

As part of the life cycle management division, which is embedded in the Air Combat Missile Department of the Program Office for Air and Land Combat Systems, the NSPA offers several user nations support for the FIM-92 Stinger missile system. This support is provided within the legal framework of the multinational Stinger Support Partnership (SP), which was founded in 1989 and currently supports ten user nations.

Through this partnership, the NSPA provides an extremely effective and efficient platform for multinational cooperation, which not only enables the partner nations to consolidate the requirements, but also to share technical experience and knowledge gained from using and supporting the system and exchange.

Range of services

The Stinger weapon system includes a range of pieces of equipment including the missile itself, a shoulder piece for launch using Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS), and a variety of training, test and support equipment. All of these, in addition to some missile launchers like the Advanced Short Range Air Defense System (ASRAD), are supported by the NSPA.

Stinger missile and shoulder piece (Photos: NSPA)

This support includes the purchase of end devices (with the exception of guided missiles and shoulder pieces), spare parts and related accessories, delivery and maintenance, central stockpiling of critical items, ammunition monitoring program, in-service support from contractors, on-site support from the NSPA -Team, project management and technical / engineering support, documentation support and transportation services.

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