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Since it was founded in 1997, Theon Sensors has come a great deal closer to its goal of market leadership in the field of portable night vision and thermal imaging devices. With customers in over 50 countries around the world, the company recently reached a historic milestone: In 2020, Theon Sensors will celebrate the delivery of the 100,000. Night vision device!

The 100,000. The device was binocular night vision goggles from Theon's worldwide bestseller "NYX", which was delivered to Austria. The company had already won a framework agreement there last year to supply the armed forces and special forces.

After Germany and Switzerland, Austria is the last of the three large German-speaking countries in Europe to opt for the binocular night vision goggles NYX. In total, the three countries have contracts for almost 14,000 devices, which makes the NYX model the leading night vision goggles in Europe.

This also increases the number of NATO countries and partners that use monocular and binocular night vision goggles from Theon to a total of 14, including the armed forces of Greece, Denmark, Italy, Canada, Latvia, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Sweden and of course the USA. There the NYX night vision goggles under the designation PVS-31 D are assembled locally by Elbit Systems of America and delivered to the US Marine Corps. After extensive research, Elbit selected NYX to promote and market the night vision goggles in the US and worldwide under the designation F5032.

The NYX product family: NYX, E-NYX and MIKRON - the user has the choice

Under the umbrella of the NYX product family, Theon offers a variety of different night vision goggles, whereby the user can choose between 18 mm and 16 mm image intensifier tubes and between standard or extended field of view. All systems are based on the highly successful and field-proven NYX, using the same fully qualified main components and optical performance based on the same high-performance optical design. The functions and ergonomics of all systems thus remain the same, so that users can switch from one variant to another without further training, while at the same time ensuring interoperability between all systems within the family.

All Theon night vision goggles are equipped with a fail-safe automatic switch-off system, which ensures that the device is automatically switched off in any position regardless of the position as soon as the device is folded up or to the side. Functions such as focusable IR illuminators and the option of manual brightness adjustment are standard on all glasses. The water resistance can be increased to 30 meters for special forces. Depending on the type and configuration, the weight of the Theon night vision binoculars is typically less than 500 g.

New strategic partnerships

In 2020 Theon Sensors was able to conclude further strategic partnerships in relevant fields with leading companies worldwide, on the one hand with HENSOLDT Optronics and on the other hand with SAFRAN Electronics and Defense.

The special focus of these partnerships is currently on the German and Belgian armed forces, which are currently running a joint program to procure new night vision goggles. With the subsidiary Theon Germany, founded in 2019, Theon Sensors already has a strong presence in this region.

In order to be able to support the Belgian and German armed forces even better in the future, a new strategic partnership has been entered into with HENSOLDT Optronics, a German and international champion in the field of sensor solutions for military and civil applications has a strong market presence.

The strategic cooperation with HENSOLDT Optronics is not limited to the local co-production and maintenance of night vision goggles, but should also include other areas of optronics, such as thermal imaging devices. The partnership strengthens Theon's industrial base in Germany and opens up new export opportunities for both companies, as the companies can access each other's global sales network.

The new E-NYX night vision goggles with an extended field of vision resulted from the collaboration with SAFRAN. With this model, the two companies are also competing for the delivery of the expected 10,000 night vision goggles for the French armed forces.

Theon Deutschland works with JK Defense & Security Products for the maintenance and aftercare of imported night vision devices. Both companies are strategically located in the Düsseldorf area, near the Belgian border.

Theon Sensors clearly has its roots in Greece and from there has risen to become the European market leader for night vision devices. Nevertheless, Germany and Belgium are seen as home markets, as the company founder and owner has Belgian-German ancestors and the head of business development comes from the German-speaking area of ​​Belgium. For Theon Sensors, business is always a personal matter, but this time even more so!