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An additional system for compact satellite communication (SATCOM) has now been introduced for the E-LynX radio, which is also used in the expanded system of the infantryman of the future in the Bundeswehr.

The new system uses a lightweight terminal that weighs less than a kilogram and works with the E-LynX Software Defined Radio (SDR) solution from Elbit Systems. E-LynX-Sat enables infantry and other emergency services to maintain robust and secure voice and data communication services over a range of hundreds of kilometers.

E-LynX-Sat integrates miniature phased array antennas, a modem for satellite communication, software for beam control and error correction, and data compression protocols. It uses geostationary Ka and Ku band standard satellites and has automatic electronic satellite tracking and a direct sequence spread spectrum that enables continuous operation across the horizon, both when walking and from a moving vehicle. E-LynX-Sat consists of compact portable terminals and a hub base station installed in satellite ground stations.

The operational advantages of the newly introduced E-LynX satellite system were successfully demonstrated during the British Army's latest Warfighting Experiment 2020.

Gerhard Heiming

Photo: Elbit