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Since November 16, 2020, the Bundeswehr has made the "BwMessenger" available for download in the app stores for Android and iOS for all Bundeswehr members. The solution based on the open source protocol Matrix can be used on business as well as private smartphones and tablets. The app is the new standardized, secure and device-independent messaging service for the German armed forces. "BwMessenger" enables simple and direct communication in real time.

Commercial providers often do not meet the requirements of the German Armed Forces with regard to confidentiality, the integrity of the transmitted data and information security. The new "BwMessenger" should therefore offer security up to protection class VS-NfD and, in the future, can also be used across departments. The pilot operation for VS-NfD begins at the end of November.

Since the messenger service is based on end-to-end encryption and is operated on the Bundeswehr's own IT infrastructure, the Bundeswehr has full sovereignty over the data. It is still possible to adapt the messenger at any time according to the specifications of the Bundeswehr or user feedback.

Matrix-Messenger für die Bundeswehr
Matrix-Messenger für die Bundeswehr

During the Corona crisis, the Bundeswehr and BWI expanded the pilot operation for open communication on private mobile devices. According to Bernward Müser, head of the responsible department CIT II 3 in the Federal Ministry of Defense, the aim is to offer a uniform and secure solution with a consistent operating concept across all messenger variants and end devices.

Bianca Steiner