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The Plath Group, headquartered in Hamburg, intends to use a more decentralized organizational structure and independently operating business areas to respond even better to the needs of its customers and to strengthen its own growth. As the company writes in a press release, the new structure should make it possible to tap into additional customer segments such as system integrators in addition to the security authorities as the core target group.

Under the umbrella of the Plath Group, the five business areas would act even more independently and more focused in the market, it said. The aim is to better equip customers for their tactical and strategic operations with precise sensor technology, powerful software, tailor-made systems and customized services. According to the company, there have been no business divisions so far, only the appearance as Plath GmbH. The new areas therefore each have their own sales department and special contact persons. The starting shot for the new structure was given last week.

According to the company, the five business areas of Plath and their more than 500 experts are spread across locations in Germany, Europe and Asia. They use different aspects of the education cycle.

The Systems & Integration (S&I) division is the central point of contact for all system inquiries within the group, according to the announcement. The division supports its customers from the conception through the system integration and commissioning and also during the operating phase.

The Plath Sensors division reportedly offers sensor technology for signal acquisition. These include highly sensitive antennas, direction finders and receivers. The company writes that security of supply is guaranteed by in-house production in Germany.

The Plath Radio Reconnaissance Software division offers powerful software for automated radio reconnaissance and tactical missions. According to the manufacturer, the products can be used sensor-neutral and manufacturer-neutral.

Independent GmbHs under the umbrella of the Plath Group are Joint Intelligence Analytics (Innosystec GmbH) and Signal Analysis and Signal Monitoring (Procitec GmbH). While Innosystec, as a software specialist, specializes in the handling and analysis of large amounts of data, the go2SIGNALS product line from Procitec enables the monitoring, processing and analysis of HF and V / UHF signals in tactical and strategic application scenarios, according to the company.

“With our new structure and the focus on data-based early crisis detection, we in the Plath Group are adapting to this situation. We give our business units the opportunity to act more flexibly with their expertise and to continue to grow, ”said Nico Scharfe, managing partner of the Plath Group, quoted in the press release.

In addition, the medium-sized group of companies presents itself with a revised communication appearance including a new website