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Tactical battlefield bridges enable emergency services to move over terrain obstacles. This allows the continuation of planned operations, sometimes with surprising approaches.

The spectrum of tactical battlefield bridges ranges from the load-bearing capacity for individual soldiers to the military load class (MLC) of 100 heavy combat vehicles such as the Leopard 2 A7 + battle tank with over 70 tons.

They can be relocated and resumed in a short time, but are limited in the length of the bridged sections. The use of the bridges well ahead of the combat troops results in the following requirements for the carrier platforms for battlefield bridges:

Bridge-layer Boxer with 22 m iguana bridge in transport position (Photos: KMW)

Mobilität und Schutz müssen denen der zu unterstützten Truppe entsprechen. Die Transport- und Verlegefahrzeuge sind daher oft Varianten der Gefechtsfahrzeuge der Kampftruppen.

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