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As part of the BODLUV 2020 project, Switzerland wants to renew its ground-based air defense. You can choose from SAMP / T (Surface-to-Air Missile Platform / Terrain) from Eurosam (MBDA / Thales) and MIM104 Patriot from Raytheon. Once the provider has been selected at the end of 2020, the new systems will be introduced from 2025.

If Patriot is selected, the systems should be procured from Raytheon via FMS. The US government has approved a corresponding application, as announced by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) on September 30, 2020.

Accordingly, the Swiss request includes five modernized Patriot Configuration 3+ fire units, consisting of five AN / MPQ-65 radars; five AN / MSQ-132 combat control stations; 17 M903 launch stations; up to 70 Patriot MIM-104E guided missiles with reinforced tactical missiles (GEM-T); seven (7) antenna mast groups; five power supply units (EPP) III; and six multifunctional information distribution systems (MIDS-LVT). In addition, numerous peripherals for communication, maintenance / repair, spare parts, training, transport and technical support during introduction and operation. The procurement volume is given at around two billion euros.

Once the type decision has been made, the Swiss procurement authority will enter into contract negotiations with the manufacturer and obtain parliamentary approval for the procurement via an army message. Apart from the dates mentioned above, a schedule is not published.

Gerhard Heiming