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The NATO Support and Procurement Agency NSPA has signed a three-year framework agreement for the supply of 25mm ammunition for the members of the NATO ammunition support partnership.

Expal Systems was commissioned to supply medium-caliber explosive and explosive / incendiary ammunition with tracer (HE-T, High Energy Tracer and HEI -T, High Energy Incendiary Tracer), such as those found in the popular Bushmaster M242 and Oerlikon KBA automatic cannons. be used. The ammunition in caliber 25 x 137mm corresponds to the STANAG 4173.

Expal Systems is one of the main suppliers of ammunition for the NSPA and supplies more than 20 nations within the framework of the NATO ammunition support partnership. The range of high-performance ammunition from Expal covers the current and future needs of the air, land and naval forces with combat and practice ammunition.

Gerhard Heiming