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With the Smash X4, the Israeli manufacturer Smart Shooter recently released a new version of its fire control visor for handguns.

Michael Fiedler, Director Sales and Marketing Europe, told Soldat & Technik: “The X4 was developed to significantly increase the identification range and combat distance of Smash. The system's camera uses the optical 4x magnification and thus increases the range for image processing (tracking, locking). Ground targets, mobile and stationary, up to at least 400 meters and micro drones up to 250 meters can be fought. Attachments can be used for unrestricted night fighting capabilities. Since it is a digital riflescope, we can integrate the device into Battle Management Systems (BMS). Information can be augmented here or provided in the uplink. For example, during a fire fight, Smash can automatically generate target data - direction angle, distance or photo - and make it available to the BMS. With the X4, the target data are even more precise and can then be used better. "

Smash combines electro-optical hardware with embedded image recognition software and a ballistic calculator. According to the manufacturer, the system can be used for day and night combat and offers different modes: drone mode, target recognition, lock & track, recording (photo, video) - e.g. for debriefing on technical training or legal purposes. The system supports position stabilization, can be used against static and dynamic targets and helps the shooter to clearly localize targets in front of different backgrounds. Drones can also be recognized and tracked.


So far, Smash X4 has been integrated for the M4, AR15 and SR25 (M110) assault rifles. (Photo: Smart Shooter) Shooter

Inspired by missile lock-on and fighter aircraft head-up display technology, Smash eliminates multiple mistakes made by shooters, including mis aiming, pulling the trigger, tilting, and misjudging distances and lead.

The mentioned 400 meters combat range for ground targets refer to both day and night combat capability. So far, the system has been integrated for the M4, AR15 and SR25 (M110) assault rifles. As with the Smart Shooter 2000, the manufacturer also promises with the X4 that this solution can be integrated into every standard handgun - whether it is an assault rifle, sniper rifle or machine gun - and can therefore also be transformed into an effective anti-drone weapon. In addition to a Picatinny rail for attachment, adjustments must be made to the trigger system. Because the shooter pulls the trigger, the system locks the trigger in a mechanical way and only allows a shot to be released if the shooter guides the target point of the weapon over the calculated stopping point of a previously marked target. The shot then breaks automatically. The manufacturer promises that every shot hits. At the push of a button, the system enables the shooter to fire the rifle manually if necessary (bypassing the fire control system). The system can be switched on again by pressing the button again.

It is offered both with and without a laser range finder (LRF). With LRF, the size is 206 x 102 x 83 millimeters and the weight is 1,250 grams. Without LRF the system is 130 grams lighter. The power is supplied by a rechargeable intelligent lithium-ion battery. This is sufficient for 72 hours of operation or up to 3,600 smash-supported shots or measurements. The LRF has a range of up to 1,000 meters.

André Forkert