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The widely used TCG BOSS (Battlefield Operations Support System) TDL (Tactical Data Link) has received further improvements. The TCG BOSS TDL Network Simulator and Trainer supports the Link 16 protocols to increase the speed at which weapons can be tested, assessed, and simulated.

By supporting network-enabled weapons, the TCG BOSS system can mimic the role of a weapon (such as JSOW or SDB II), the role of a weapons platform (such as F / A-18) or an alternative control body (such as JSTARS, LSRS). In addition, the goals and the complete data connection can be mapped. In this way, it is now possible to imitate and simulate all stages of the use of smart weapons without performing costly live tests or simulating the weapon in a test laboratory. The TCG BOSS system allows engineers to ensure that all elements communicate correctly with one another throughout the entire mission.

On top of that, the TCG BOSS system enables hypothetical scenarios to be replayed easily and again and again without even having to let a plane take off.

Christian Kanig