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The UK Ministry of Defense wants to strengthen national capabilities in the field of military nanodrones. Such small drones offer many advantages in urban environments and can be carried in uniform, among other things. The British Ministry of Defense has now signed a contract to develop a ready-to-use, robust prototype for tests in the army. Around 226,200 pounds have now been made available for this. Another new feature is that with this contract, a start-up will become a supplier to the British Army.

The British start-up company Flare Bright Ltd. developed the nano drone SnapShot. She can fly in almost any weather or atmospheric condition. A special feature is that SnapShot - according to the company - is not influenced by other electromagnetic signals and does not require GPS for control. With its portable and rugged equipment, it can take high quality aerial photos from a height of up to 100 meters.

Dorothee Frank