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At the end of September, the Bundeswehr officers will be trained again in the units of the respective military branches. The inspector of the army had decided to decentralize the training of officers again from the end of September 2020. The managers of tomorrow are to be trained together with their later subordinates in the Bundeswehr and thus develop a better understanding of their situation. The Bundeswehr is thus returning to its roots, which had proven themselves over decades.

So it is now time to say goodbye in various places in the Bundeswehr. An example: Today the German Army posted on Twitter: “Time to Say Goodbye - that # Officer Candidate Battalion1 in #Muenster is dissolved, the troop flag is rolled up forever. Reason: the #Officer| Training in #Army has changed and is found again in the #Troop The era of the Officer Candidate Battalion 1 in Munster ends after 14 years.

Brigadier General Ullrich Spannuth, commander of the Munster training center, cited the reason for the change in the training structure: “Because at the end of the day, no matter how good the training and upbringing, we cannot achieve one thing: We cannot simulate the reality in the force in which our young leaders are , especially our young officers, will have to assert. ”Experiencing and understanding troops, understanding those who are in combat and whose weal and woe is entrusted to the officers, is of essential importance.

And the Officer Candidate Battalion 2 from Hammelburg recently said goodbye to almost 500 officer candidates for the last time. Due to the changed officer training in the army, the battalion is also facing profound changes. The Officer Candidate Battalion in Hammelburg is no longer part of the armed forces as of October 1, 2020 and is in the process of being dissolved until March 31, 2021 (i.e. the personnel will be transferred, the material will be diverted). For Officer Candidate Battalion 2, it is important that all soldiers find an adequate post, for more than 95% of the permanent staff there are already new posts. The material is dispatched promptly according to the specifications of the superior departments.

Änderungen der Ausbildung im Heer

The officer cadets and their battalions are just the beginning. In the coming year the Sergeant / Sergeant Candidate Battalions (FA / UA-Btl) in the German Army will follow. There are also three of them in the Bundeswehr, one in Sondershausen (FA / UA-Btl 1), one in Celle (FA / UA-Btl 2) and one in Altenstadt (FA / UA-Btl 3). Since January 2014, the basic training of junior sergeants and sergeants in the army has largely been carried out by these three battalions.

The Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of Defense, Peter Tauber, tweeted today: "That was a good decision!"

André Forkert