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The Bundeswehr has introduced a powerful multi-purpose weapon system with the active agent 90 mm and is also planning to introduce a so-called active agent 1800+.

Active agent 90 mm

The active agent 90 mm is a shoulder-supported one-man weapon that can be used up to a combat distance of 1,200 m in the air explosion and up to 600 m in a direct shot.

The weapon system consists of a launcher and a cartridge, which is called the 90 mm active agent. The design of the cartridge is based on the principle of the Daviskanon. The projectile, the propellant charge and the counter mass are located in a launch tube. The propellant charge accelerates the projectile and countermass in opposite directions (Daviskanon) and therefore enables low-recoil firing. The countermass (gel mass) atomizes after leaving the launch tube, which is why shooting from enclosed spaces is possible. The propellant charge in the launch tube is ignited via the launch device.

The target is captured and the weapon is aimed using the fire control sight.

This essentially consists of high-quality optics, a laser range finder and a ballistic calculator.

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