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Military cooperation between Russia and India is being intensified. Tests of several modifications of the Russian-Indian cruise missiles of the BrahMos class with extended range are planned for 2020, announced one of the leading representatives of the Russian defense industry at the ARMY-2020 forum. BrahMos are supersonic anti-ship missiles that can be fired from sea, land and air.

India is one of the top exhibitors at the fair and has a well-staffed national pavilion.

In early June, the air-launched cruise missile BrahMos (Air Launched Cruise Missile - ALCM) received its first Fleet Release Clearance (FRC) issued by the certification authority. The cruise missile, called BrahMos-A, will be the first weapon produced in India to receive this fleet clearance.

The fleet clearance paved the way for the Indian Air Force (IAF) to use airborne BrahMos missiles in various combat missions, which is an important milestone for the manufacturers.

The Indian Air Force had achieved unmatched capabilities in the Indian Ocean (IOR) region with the introduction of the powerful Sukhoi (Su-30MKIs) armed with BrahMos-ALCM.

Entwicklung der russisch-indischen BrahMos-Marschflugkörper
Entwicklung der russisch-indischen BrahMos-Marschflugkörper

The spacing distance of BrahMos (300 km) and the range of the Sukhoi (over 3,000 km), as well as the refueling, have given the Indian Air Force a great advantage in its operations in the Indian Ocean region.

The cruise missile has attracted the attention of various countries from South America to the ASEAN countries as well as some Eastern European countries.

“Many countries have shown great interest in [buying] BrahMos. We are now working with our Russian colleagues. We have already received [export] permits from Russia and the Indian government and we hope that once the pandemic is over we will be able to respond, ”said BrahMos General Director Praveen Pathak on the outskirts of Russia organized forum ARMY-2020, where a model of the BrahMos-A was shown.

Yury Laskin