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"lt is the all-in-one solution for defence." The description from our development department might seem bold, but in essence, it is the exact message that we are sending. After many years and countless hours of development, Securiton has created a sophisticated and complete perimeter protection system, which combines all our best detection systems. This enables it to detect dangers on land, water and in the air and to protect the people inside the perimeter as best as possible.

We are talking about the mobile monitoring system SecuriWall M3, which has been especially designed with the demands of a modern army in mind. Maximum mobility and flexibility through modularity were the focal points for the engineers. At the same time, resilience, i.e. robustness of all components, was not to be neglected at any one time. The result is a system, which we are proud of and which has become the flagship of our portfolio.

All components are safely stowed in the container of SecuriWall M3. (Photo: Securiton Germany)

At the core of this system is a military-grade reinforced container, which is similar to an inland freight container used every day in transportation, whether by lorry, train or ship. This is the first advantage of our system. The high level of compatibility with the existing transport network guarantees easy handling with respect to the ability to relocate it easily. The container has been designed in such a way that two thirds can be used as a storage area, and one third can be used as a control centre. Using special fittings, each system component is allocated a particular place, can be stowed securely and is therefore protected against damage. The control centre can also be transported securely, can be deployed immediately and includes all of the components required to control the system centrally.

Once it arrives at its destination, for example a temporary military camp, the system can be made operational within just a few hours. To do so, the sensors must be taken out of storage and installed onsite. The connection to the control station is then established using hybrid cabling, which transmits both data and electricity. Special tamper-proof plug connections are used, and these guarantee secure contact, defying environmental impact. All components have been tested under extreme conditions. This includes extreme temperatures and exposure to dust, sand and water. All connections are clearly defined and the whole system is rooted in a plug­and-play solution, meaning no complex configuration is needed. The system can configure itself and display the exact locations on the map using the GPS transmitter in each sensor.

Sensory Range

The choice of available sensors are one of the special features of SecuriWall M3. In principle, there is a wide spectrum of basic functionalities. Furthermore, client's wishes can be integrated into future developments, so as to implement new functionalities. The video management software IPS VideoManager forms the basis for control. lt manages all video sources, facilitates the traditional recording and playback functions and offers user-friendly operation for the integrated cameras.

A wide variety of intelligent sensors can be integrated in SecuriWallM3 – for maximum security. (Photo: Securiton Germany)

However, the real value lies in the integration of intelligent video analyses. An analysis module is especially used for perimeter protection, which independently detects intruders or unauthorised access to the site. IPS Outdoor Detection also issues an automatic alarm message in the control room in the container. The message can also be forwarded to any other control station anywhere in the world, or to a mobile device.

The basis for all this is the zone concept. The detection zone outside the perimeter recognises movement made by people. This will set off an alarm if the alarm zone, which lies within the perimeter, is accessed. The analyses made by the system lead to reduction in the use of human resources, because the software monitors all cameras, and with full concentration all the time – which is something human beings can't manage.

The control center of SecuriWall M3 provides an optimal overview and makes every danger and every system information recognizable. (Photo: Securiton Germany)

Other sensors can also be incorporated into the IPS VideoManager, and these too display alarm signals. Whilst the video security system monitors the vicinity, a ground radar scans further afield and detects objects, such as people or vehicles. Microwave sensors that also detect unauthorised intrusions into the site can be positioned in the immediate surroundings of the perimeter. Even the sea can be secured using sonar devices, if required. Fence detection systems are also available. These respond to vibrations or are monitored using quiescent currents.

SecuriWall M3 offers drone detection with functionalities for detecting, classifying, locating and verifying remote-controlled and autonomous drones. (Photo: Securiton Germany)

The increasing threat from the air, triggered by UAS risks (Unmanned aircraft systems) is secured using drone detection systems. Radar systems can detect flying objects in the air. lf you want to be able to detect and even identify UAS objects earlier, you should use HF sensors. These detect and locate control signals that are still several kilometres away and can even determine the model of the flying object using special characteristics found in radio communication between the control unit and the flying object. The scope of the sensors can be expanded through further development. This can be achieved any time on the basis of well designed interfaces.

SecuriWall M3 is therefore the perfect perimeter protection system that can used for any requirement. lt is very adaptable due to its modularity. lt is deployable and can be put into operation quickly – even with minimal human resources. All in all: a real allrounder! More

Securiton Germany

Securiton Germany with its Head office in 77855 Achern is part of the Swiss Securitas Group. The experts specialize in electronic security solutions, such as intelligent video security with video analysis, early fire detection systems, hazard and access management, drone detection, fence detection and security management. With modern security systems and a broad range of services, Securiton is a manufacturer and solutions specialist that provides individual services specially for security requirements in military environments. Intelligent and modular system solutions paired with the necessary expertise are used to create tailored security solutions for land forces, air forces and the navy at Securiton Defence.