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The Bundeswehr receives - especially for performing the leadership role at the NATO spearhead Land 2023 (VJTF (L) 2023) - 8,000 speech phrases "Active hearing protection cap special forces". However, the Bundeswehr then also needs new combat helmets. The Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Use of the Bundeswehr (BAAINBw) has now placed a corresponding order for production and delivery.


Headset requires new combat helmet

The now ordered, 335 g ComTac XPI earmuffs from 3M Peltor are compatible with a variety of ballistic combat helmets, but not with the standard combat helmet used in the German armed forces. This is also clear from the armaments report 2020 of the Federal Ministry of Defense. That is why the ministry report states that in addition to the speech sets with hearing protection function, new combat helmets must also be procured. The Bundeswehr wants to incorporate these into the framework contract for the procurement of a combat helmet, which is currently being advertised. However, this is an interim solution.

The contract will include an additional set of 10,000 options. If this does not succeed in time, the VJTF troop would have to continue using the standard combat helmet currently in use. "However, this means accepting the lack of compatibility with the headset with hearing protection function," said the armaments report.


Headset with hearing protection function

The ComTac XPI headset performs several tactical tasks. The integration of external microphones enables the perception of ambient noise and signals even under hearing protection. The system has 28 db of insulation and can be upgraded to a 39 db protection level in conjunction with the 3M EAR Classic II without sacrificing radio communication. The situation awareness is thus preserved. Communication in the squad is nevertheless improved, since the soldier can perceive any ambient noise and amplify it if necessary. In addition, the ComTac XPI equipped with a gooseneck microphone can be combined with a multi-adapter, but this has not yet been obtained. The multi-adapter would then enable the connection to various handheld radios and on-board communication systems, including the SEM radio series and other modern radio devices. So that the headset could be used both in dismounted use with a handheld radio and in the vehicle with the on-board communication system. B. the Fuchs tank or GTK boxer. This means that radio messages can be sent and received without interference using the active headset. In the currently commissioned lot, only an adapter for the connection to the SEM 52 SL radio was procured.

Waldemar Geiger