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The Federal Security Council has now approved the delivery of the last of the four 209 / 1400mod submarines ordered by the Egyptian Navy. "S44" is scheduled for delivery in 2021. Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier has informed the Bundestag's Economic Committee.

With the delivery of "S44", this construction program from thyssenkrupp Marine Systems for Egypt will end. On April 9, "S43" was delivered (ESUT reported). In 2011 the contract for the delivery of two boats was concluded. Cairo decided in 2015 to draw an option for two more.

Egypt also ordered three Meko A200 frigates from the Kiel company. According to a newspaper report in April 2019, the federal government has approved the delivery of the frigates to Egypt worth around 2.3 billion euros. The Budget Committee of the German Bundestag also approved this on April 3, 2019. According to reports from September 2019, Bremerhaven's Stahlbau Nord produces steel sections for the construction of the Egyptian Meko as a subcontractor. There is different information about the actual scope of the order. The Federal Government does not comment on the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court of October 21, 2014 (BVerfGE 137, 185).


Italy and France as Egyptian armaments partners

Between 2015 and 2019, Egypt was the third largest arms importer in the world after Saudi Arabia and India (source: SIPRI). According to the Stockholm Institute, Russia, France and the USA are the main suppliers.

It was recently announced that Egypt is purchasing two Italian Fremm-class frigates (ESUT reported). The Fremm class is a joint French-Italian project. A French Fremm, the former "Normandie", sails today as "Tahya Misr" in the Egyptian Navy. In connection with the armaments cooperation between Cairo and Paris that has been in place since 2015, the French Naval Group agreed with the Egyptian government in 2018 to found a subsidiary for the operation and maintenance of the Gowind-class corvettes. Their procurement is based on a contract between the Egyptian Navy and the Naval Group, at that time still DCNS, from June 2014 for the construction and delivery of four Gowind 2500 corvettes, including technology transfer. According to this, three units were to be built at the Alexandria Shipyard in Egypt. "Al Moez", Hull number 981, the third Gowind 2500 Corvette of the Egyptian Navy, was launched on May 12 in Alexandria.

With the "Alexandria Naval for Maintenance and Industry (ANMI)" Naval Group strengthens its presence on the Nile. In addition to the Fremm frigate "Tahya Misr" (2015), Hull number 1000, the group delivered two landing craft helicopter carriers of the Mistral class to the Egyptian Navy in 2016 - "Gamal Abdel Nasser" (L1010), "Anwar El Sadat" (L1020).


Relations between Germany and Egypt

There are intensive economic and trade relations between Germany and Egypt. Germany is the second largest trading partner of Egypt after China with a trade volume of almost 4.5 billion euros (2019). According to the current arms export report of the Federal Government (Bundestag printed paper 19/20370 dated June 18, 2020), Egypt was the most important recipient country for German armaments among the developing countries in 2019 (801.8 million euros).

The unmasking of an informant of the Egyptian secret service in the federal press office was made known by the Constitution Protection Report 2019, which was presented to President Thomas Haldenwang on July 9.

Hans Uwe Mergener


Key data of the "S44"

Total length: approx. 62 meters

Diameter: approx.6.2 meters

Displacement: Above water approx. 1,450 tons; Underwater: approx.1,600 t

Crew: 30

Armament: six torpedo tubes

The HDW class 209 / 1400mod is the latest version of the series with over 60 units built or contracted (factory information).