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Following the approval of the German and Spanish governments, the contract for the development, delivery and integration of 115 Eurofighter ESCAN radars for the German and Spanish Eurofighter fleet has now been concluded. The contract provides for the delivery and integration of 110 Captor-E radars for Germany and initially five radars for Spain from 2023.

According to the general contractor Airbus, the Eurofighter Captor-E radar is the most modern combat aircraft radar with electronic beam swivel worldwide. The airframe is already prepared for the installation of the largest possible electronic radar field, the detection and tracking range, advanced air-to-ground capabilities and advanced electronic self-protection measures. In particular, the size of the nose of the aircraft allows a higher field of vision than with other combat aircraft. This increases performance and ensures the role of the Eurofighter as an important component of the Future Combat Air System (FCAS).

The development and construction of the radars are subcontracted and awarded to the Euroradar consortium under the leadership of Hensoldt and Indra with the involvement of other Eurofighter partner companies.

Gerhard Heiming