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The Bundeswehr and industry have agreed concrete steps to increase the operational readiness of the Puma infantry fighting vehicle to an average of 50 percent in the second half of 2020. This means that of the 200 vehicles available in the army, 100 Puma should be ready for use in the middle of the second half of the year. For this purpose, the Bundeswehr and industry have concluded a target agreement. There tasks that are necessary to increase operational readiness are described and priorities are set. The commitment and personal commitment for the Bundeswehr are given to the equipment department head in the Ministry of Defense, Vice Admiral Carsten Stawitzki, and the commander "German Shares Multinational Corps / Basic Military Organization" in the Army Command, Lieutenant General Stephan Thomas, as well as for the industry of the CEO of Rheinmetall, Armin Papperger , as well as the CEO of Krauss-Maffei-Wegmann, Frank Haun.

This step was necessary because in the fifth year of use of the armored personnel carrier Puma, the main armament system of the Panzergrenadiere, the operational readiness is still unsatisfactory at 30 percent. The reason given by the Federal Ministry of Defense includes the inadequate spare parts inventory, which was caused by the difficult timing of the order. So far there is no balancing reserve. Countermeasures have not yet had a resounding effect.

The participants have emphasized that this ambitious plan can only be managed with a joint, partner-like effort that goes beyond the classic target-target constellation. Everyone has to make their contribution.

Delivery of the last of the 350 Puma ordered is expected later this year. In order to be able to completely replace the Marder armored personnel carrier, the procurement of a second batch of Puma is an option that the army is pursuing. Financing seems possible for a lot size of 210 armored personnel carriers. Now it is important to make a decision quickly so that the existing production lines can continue to be used.

Gerhard Heiming