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The long-required connection between the search and rescue control centers on land and sea has now been established. The two control centers were also linked together. Should one of the control centers fail, the other SAR control center can take over the job and the radio connection for the management of the subordinate SAR helicopters without interruption.

The regeneration of the control and clearance system (KoFa) GE 5 (German model 5) and the simultaneous procurement of a modern search and rescue management system (FüSys SAR) was initiated in 2015 by the Federal Office for Equipment, Information and Use of the Bundeswehr (BAAINBw) continuously accompanied by a joint project group of the SAR control centers land and sea. The old system no longer met the requirements.

In the foreground: SAR control center console with 4 screens and touch pad for communication
In the background: real-time aerial situation image with TV (left) for position compression and status board (right). Photo: SAR control center

The preparatory infrastructure measures then started at the beginning of 2018. While the new KoFa essentially brings the communication of the SAR control centers in the radio and telephony area up to the latest standard, the SAR guidance system is intended to ensure fast and automated processing and management of SAR operations, including the necessary data backup and voice recording.

In addition to numerous map displays, the SAR guidance system also includes a real-time aerial view, which can be used retrospectively, and extensive databases.

The interfaces to the military information sources, the European AIS Database (EAD) and the Central Flow Management Unit (CFMU) from Eurocontrol directly establish links to the military and civil aeronautical databases.

Alarm messages from the COSPAS / SARSAT system are shown directly in the location map of the guidance system. Modern control center consoles were also procured for the new KoFa / FüSys SAR.

Two base stations for digital communication with other authorities and organizations with security tasks (digBOS) and guidance of the SAR helicopters now complete the communication skills of the SAR control center in Münster. Both systems are supplied by Frequentis.

André Forkert